Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Adoption Profile

Please feel free to forward this one to anyone that might have some information or might be able to help. Thank you!

Michael & I have been married since November 2004 and live in the Dallas area. Michael and I met when he asked me to his senior prom, and we have been together since that day over 12 years ago. Michael is one of the most kind, compassionate and generous people I have ever met. It is impossible to be in a bad mood around him because within minutes he will have you laughing. His sense of humor and quick wit initially drew me to him but his kindness and warm heart won me over. Michael is a hard worker and a wonderful provider. In his free time he enjoys re-modeling our home, yard work, and playing league & tournament softball.

I work for a local dentist as a Dental Assistant. I worked for a dentist right out of high school, then life took me down a different career path as a cosmetologist. I found my way back to the dental profession and fell in love with this field. I only work four days a week and absolutely love my Fridays off! I love working out, I am an avid runner and I am currently training to compete in a triathlon in August. I enjoy working in our flower beds (I’m still striving for yard of the month). I also enjoy working in the nursery at our church on Sunday mornings, I have the “crawlers” who always brighten my day. Family & friends mean the world to me. We have two nieces and two nephews whom we absolutely adore. They love visiting their “Aunt Sissy” and “Uncle Booboo”.

Michael and I have been through extensive fertility treatments including In-vitro fertilization to conceive, but sadly have not been successful. We believe in our hearts that God must have a different plan for us and that we are meant to adopt. You have taken such a brave step to consider adoption, and for that we are eternally grateful. We believe our strong faith, love, and commitment to each other will be the foundation for our family. With these we can promise this precious baby will be loved and nurtured to be the person he or she is destined to be. Your loving decision will always be in our hearts and your child will always know how courageous, selfless, and truly loving you are. We want to commend you for your strength and courage and may God continue to bless you.


Anonymous said...

That is great your looking to adopt I hope that goes well for you are very successful in that.

Greg said...

Best of luck to you both as you begin your adventure toward adoption. There is an extraordinary pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! We got alot of hits on our adoption website, http://mchoosear.tripod.com/index.htm along with really positive feedback from other families, adoption professionals and birthmoms. If you ever want to talk about the journey, we're here pulling for you guys!

Kriss said...

Sarah, congrats on your decision to adopt!!! Do you mind if I ask what stage you are in?? Do you have an agency?? -Kriss :)

Psalm112 said...


It's Meredith (Reed) Fox. I just stumbled upon your blog from another. How exciting that you are adopting. We are also in the adoption process. I would love to talk to you about it more, if you are willing.