Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Around Our House

I was looking around our house at all of our Christmas decorations and I would look at something and think to myself that is my favorite decoration... no that's my favorite. What can I say I love all of my decorations each piece has a special meaning or it's something that makes me happy. Then I started thinking about what Christmas means to me.
First it is the MAGIC of the little baby in a manger. (Jesus is the reason of the season ya know)! It's also the JOY of decorations, lights & glittery things. It's the HOPE of being able to share all of these special things with a child of our own one day. It's the HAPPINESS you see on your niece's & nephew's faces when they open their gifts. It's the LOVE of time spent with FAMILY & FRIENDS. That is what this time of year means to me. Enjoy pictures of our home & the things that are priceless to us.
Merry Christmas from our home to yours!