Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rylee Weekend....

Our sweet niece Rylee came down to stay with us a few weekends ago. We had so much fun with her! We went to a Birthday party, had a dinner date with some of our family & had a play date with some of Rylee's besties. She is such a sweet girl, we wish we could see her every day!!!

Ry & CB at the Lil' Gym birthday party

Uncle BooBoo had a good time at the party too..

On our way to our dinner date with The Bosses' , Jenny & Nan

Showing off her new flower head band

Jenny, Ry & BooBoo

Me & Ry

Ry & two of her besties

The girls ended the night having a dress up fashion show.
Rylee we miss you every day! We hope you move back to Texas soon!!!
*** I am Thankful for.....
  • Our nieces & nephews
  • Camera phones to receive pictures of them when they live soooo far away
  • Pictures to capture the memories, because they grow up way to fast