Saturday, April 18, 2009


Wow God keeps revealing him self to me & showing me how amazing his is when you put your Trust and FAITH in him. Last Tuesday when I had that sleepless night I was lying in bed thinking I need to reach out to this young woman... so that's when I decided to give her my adoption book & the note. I had not heard from her at that point & had no idea what would come from this but felt led to do so. WELL.... I open my new bible study book today to read my chapter and it said: There are times in life when we must take a step forward in order to find out, one way or the other, what we should do. Some doors will never open unless we take a step toward them. It also said: if i pray about a situation and dont seem to know what I should do, I take a step of faith. WOW I took that step & she called the next day..... OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD!!!!!!

These are words to a song my dear sis-in-law Ashleigh found for Michale & I... (talk about the ulgy cry again)

This is The Gift We Could Not Give Each Other
Words and Music by Michael Mclean

When she was a little girl she held her dolls like children. Dreaming of the day when she'd have babies of her own. Now those dolls lie on a shelf as lifeless as the dreams she dreamed. It's become the deepest ache her heart has ever known. There's a man who's trying his best to comfort her with roses.Telling her he'll find a way to make their dreams come true. He's been saying this for years,but now his tears reveal the truth. In his heart he fears there's nothing else that they can do. Then a gift is given, a phone call straight from heaven. There's a child that's nearly due that a young girl's giving you. She gave more than just one life when she makes of this man and wife a father and a mother. She gives the gift they could not give each other. More than we could ever know this couple thanks the heavens. Every time they hold their child,they feel they hold the world. Words will never be enough to share the way the family feels. From deep inside their hearts they want to tell that girl: Not a day is ever through till we've thanked the Lord for you. Your sweetness lingers near in our hearts and thoughts and prayers. You gave more than just one life when you made of this man and wife, a Father and a Mother. When you gave the gift we could not give each other.You have changed our lives forever. Only you and God above could give this gift of love we could not give each other.

Not a day is ever through till we've thanked the Lord for you. Your sweetness lingers near in our hearts and thoughts and prayers. You gave more than just one life when you made of this man and wife, a Father and a Mother. When you gave the gift we could not give each other.You have changed our lives forever. Only you and God above could give this gift of love we could not give each other....... this is when the ugly cry started!!! I cant wait till the day I get to tell a very special girl those beautiful words!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

God's Amazing Work.....

This is going to be a long post, but definitely worth reading. Get out the Kleenex!!!!

I have never felt more lifted up by the grace of our Father than I do now. Most of you know Michael & I are trying to adopt. Three weeks ago we dropped off our profile for a potential birth mom. I can say this is the longest three weeks of my life, we have been praying like nobodies business! I went three weeks not hearing anything and I couldn't take it any more. I decided I needed to try and reach out to this young girl to let her know that I care about her as well as the baby and that we are praying for them every day. I decided to give her a book called Adoption Miracles. My dear friend Allie gave it to me and it touched my heart & helped to answer some of the questions I had regarding adoption. I got a blank card,wrote a simple note & put it with the book. My friend ask me to come to a bible study where this young girls boss would be & said that I could give this lady the note & book to give to the young girl. Well the bible study was AMAZING I loved every minute of it, the women were all so sweet & they welcomed me with open arms, I laughed, I cried (the ugly cry with snot and mascara running wild) it was such a spiritual night. This one woman was there and she had a praise she wanted to share with every one.....

The post below is off of my NEW friend's blog, and the young lady she refers to in this post is ME! Now sit back and read about God & his amazing work!!!!

OK, so I have a few minutes to type about what happened at bible study last night. It was so powerful to me, I HAVE to share! So I joined this bible study a little over a month ago, and I love it. One of the first nights I was there, a lady talked about a situation in her life. She has a daycare and one of her employees found out she was pregnant. She wanted to have an abortion. So prayers were lifted for this girl and for this baby in her womb, that God protect this child. She went to the Dr. and found out she was 6 months pregnant, and couldn't have an abortion. Thank you God! So she was looking into adoption. I wanted to jump across that room and cram my information in her hand to pass along to this girl. I felt myself jump in my chair! But I refrained. I thought about it all night, and went home and prayed about it. I woke up the next morning with this AMAZING peace about the situation. I didn't feel led to approach her about the adoption, but I felt led to pray for her and I have ever since that day.

Fast forward a few weeks. Last night I was at bible study. I gave my praise about our adoption situation. The lady that leads the bible study was in tears, and so was I. Absolute tears of joy, gratitude, gratefulness and appreciation for the gift that God is blessing us with. I look around the room and many of the ladies are teary eyed. But there is this one girl sobbing. I realized that I knew her (well know OF her through a friend of mine, it is her sister in law). So I say to myself I need to go talk to her after bible study. This precious young lady has struggled with infertility for a while. I didn't know she was trying to adopt, but it got brought up later in bible study. I was asked to pray over her and gladly accepted. I know her pain, I know her struggles, I have walked in her shoes. But, I have been blessed with two beautiful sons, so I imagine her pain and struggle is greater than mine. She is a sweet young lady and I truly feel in my heart that God has a child picked out for her. So, over the course of the night it was brought up that she is trying to adopt this baby. I was overcome with chills. Overcome with emotion KNOWING why God gave me such peace about that situation. This baby wasn't for me, it is someone else's. God had plans for me in the works, he has my baby picked out for me. And this absolutely precious young lady just might be the one that is able to adopt the baby that we had talked about several weeks before.

This post may not be for anyone but myself but WHAT A CONFIRMATION of faith, of listening to Him, of God's greatness and God's plan. I just sat there in awe of my Heavenly Father last night. So after bible study this young lady and I talked for quite a while. She HAS a baby coming to her, I can feel it. God is working on getting that child to her, I know it. I just pray that it is this baby that should be here in the next couple months. If you have a moment after reading this, and feel compelled to do so.... I ask that you please pray for Michael and Sarah, for this birth mom and for this baby.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day at the park.....

Cody helping me push Rylee...

Rylee said this was her "Red Rocket" (from Little Einsteins)

Cody posing by his name at the park..

Swinging in the tire swing...

Cody loved climbing the"mountains" at the park!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone!!!!!!!
Here are two adorable little Bunnies to wish you a hoppy day!!!
Avery age 8months

Maddie age 2 years

Happy Birthday to my dear friend Katie!!!! Have a happy birthday today I hope the Easter bunny brings you some birthday eggs!!!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Turkey VS Beef

Check out the grease from the beef... Nasty!!!! The Turkey had no grease..
Why oh why would you eat beef????

Friday, April 10, 2009


This is my first video blog post!!! This is my niece Rylee putting on a show for me!!! Enjoy.....