Thursday, September 24, 2009


The definition of church is: "a building for public worship". I have been going to First Baptist Church since I was an infant... really I was born into that church!! I have been through two wonderful pastors, the O so sweet & late M.L. Jones & now Steve Swofford. I was baptized in the church, I made life long friends in the church, I've shed tears and said good bye to loved ones in that church, and I really feel at home in that church. But the past year every Sunday I dread going to church because MY "building for worship" has lost me. I'm not feeling connected with the music at my church. I know that every body praises and worships in their own way, and I’m not saying that FBC's music is the wrong way, but it is not touching me the way I need it to. So I've been "church hopping" I’ve gone to a VERY large church with an AMAZING praise & worship team I felt like I was at a Christian rock concert it truly lifted me up, BUT I felt like a small butterfly that landed in the middle of the ocean. I could go to that church everyday for the next year & the pastor would never know I was there.... I didn't like that. So then I've "hopped" over to a church that is just starting. It has been meeting in a school & at some of the members homes until they get a building. It had that AMAZING music I crave & what was sooo impressive about this church is they rocked out (Christian style of course) with only the basic music instruments & 5 people on the praise team. I loved this pastor & he defiantly knows everyone because it is so small & still growing... but it has that charismatic style with speaking in toungs & alter calls. This little Baptist girl has NEVER seen that before and not sure how I feel about it yet? So I’m in limbo, I feel guilty for leaving the only church home I know… I know God does not care where you go just as long as you go… but I’m steel torn… So I guess this is just a “vent” post…. PRAY for me on this matter!!!!!

The Church in the picture was a church we saw off of our Balcony in San Antonio


The Frisco Russells said...

I blog hopped over here from somewhere? Allie's maybe??

Anyway ~ I wanted to add my 2 cents!! You know I REALLY believe that GOD has a place for you and you may be somewhere like FBC for a long season and then you may need to grow spiritually and GOD may have a "home" for you somewhere else! We just changed churches from a chuch where I LOVED the pastor and his daughter was an long time "Rockwall" friend but it was not feeding me at all ~ we are in Frisco and just found a new church home and I tell you I got chills the 1st time i visited and just knew it was where GOD wanted us...

Pray for GOD to show you where he wants you and he will! Hugs! Wendy