Monday, February 1, 2010

New year new start..........

I've been in a bit of a funk lately! But I (along with a few of my peeps) had a "come to Jesus" with myself & decided that I'm the only one who can control how I live my life... (yes January was part of the funk) Sooo It's the 2nd month of the new year & I have a new attitude, and a new outlook on how I need to live this one life, because I have no idea how long it will last. We all know how bad I want a baby, and that will never change! But it made me think, I have a wonderful faith and I know HE will make that happen. So while i PATIENTLY wait, i need to be thankful for, happy with, & celebrate the things I have already been blessed with. So I'm back, out from under the rock I was hiding under. Please check back for blogs celebrating this sweet life of mine!!
*****A new thing, I want to add a "thankful" list at the end of all my posts.... (thanks for the idea Sharon)
Today I am thankful for:
~My Husband who always picks me up when I'm down!
~Friends who care enough about you to tell you when your being a B!
~Advil PM.... sweet dreams & good Night ;)


Allie said...

Way to go sister! I know it's hard to see the bright side when you think your side is dark...but we truly have SO MUCH to be thankful for. We are so blessed.

Cacti Corner said...

I stumbled onto your blog while looking for a broccoli cheese soup WW recipe. I read your entire site-I laughed, I cried.
You have a beautiful spirit and faith.
I pray God gives you the desire of your heart.
I'm glad I found your blog...I will remember you in prayer sister.