Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cans for Cody

This week I got a call from my sweet nephew this is how the call went...

Cody: Aunt Sissy this is Cody, can you save all of your cans for me... I need money & my Dad is letting me crush cans so I can turn them in for money.

Me: Sure I'll save cans, what are you trying to make money for?

Cody: I need money for something very special...

Me: what is it????

Cody: I need money so I can go on the Nickelodeon Cruise this summer..

This conversation went down on Sunday & he called me again last night (Tuesday) to see if I had cans ready for him. He is so excited!! But I need help I don't have soda cans... only the occasional Fresca.... So I'm asking if you live near me in the Rockwall area & drink Cokes, DP, Sprite, Beer, Monsters, V8.... Please save your cans for my sweet Cody. I will come pick up any sacks full, bags full, boxes full.. whatever you can do for him.
***side note: My brother & sis in law are not making him pay his way... they just want him to learn the importance about saving money for special things.