Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Heart Broken

I had the BIGGEST heart break of my life tonight!!!
I pulled up to my Gym to work out & saw my nephew's school bus in the parking lot. (My nephew is 8 & goes to a private school in Caddo & the drop off & pick up are at my gym's parking lot). So I walked over to see if he might be on the bus waiting to be picked up & he was. The bus driver opened the door & I said "Hi I'm Cody's aunt, I'm not picking him up I just wanted to say Hi." Cody comes up from the back of the bus with this frustrated look on his face & the first words out of his little mouth was "don't say anything". To witch I responded "Cody, I just wanted to say Hello" & he said "Sissy I said don't say anything, step away from the bus". As you could imagine I was in shock, I asked him "Cody what's wrong, I just wanted to say hi" & again I get "sissy don't say anything please get away from the bus". With a huge lump in my throat & fighting back tears I told him bye & walked away.
I rushed through my work out because I couldn't think about anything other than what had just happened. I get home & immediately call my brother's house looking for an answer. The phone is ringing off the hook with no answer. The lump in my throat is growing bigger by the minute. Finally Jacob calls me back, I tell him the story & he gives the phone to Cody & this is what I get...
Cody: "Hi Sissy, what are you doing"
Me: "Cooking dinner, what are you doing"
Cody: "Eating McDonald's & fixing to play rock band with Maddie"
Me: "Cody when I saw you tonight at your school bus, what happened"
Cody: "Sissy I just don't want the big kids to make fun of me,
But I will love you forever it's OK"

I will love you forever, that's all I needed to hear!!! I don't know what broke my heart more..... getting blown off by my nephew or knowing that my little nephew is becoming a big kid.

The heart breaker


Gay said...

bless your heart. Layton wipes off my kisses now, and that's a mini heartbreaker.

Allie said...

you Poor Sissy!

Angie said...

That is so sad. He still loves you in his heart though.

HowryFamily said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!:( bless your heart! That was pretty darn sweet what he said later though:)

lesli said...

oh sissy that gave me the tears. bless your heart!

therockwallhurtados said...

Awh! That is sad. I remember the first time Jared did that and I was crushed. It was on a school field trip and it broke my heart. I believe I was over his little group and I tried to hold his hand while we were walking. Big mistake!!! Needless to say, he didn't hold me my hand and said he would tell me later why. On the way home he informed me that the other boys don't do that and so he can't either. But if we go on walk together- Just him and I, then he can hold my hand. Ah,, I get it. :) Take care