Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Bug

My poor husband got the stomach flu Thursday night.....
When he got his appetite back I made him home made potato soup.
This is his Nan's (grandmothers) recipe.....

5 skinned red potatoes

Chop to small pieces & put in a pot with water only covering the top of the potatoes,
Boil till the potatoes are very soft then mash keeping the water...

You will need salt, pepper, milk, butter & flower..

add the salt, pepper, 3 tbs of butter & in a container w/ a lid put 1/2 a c. of milk & 3 tbs of flower, shake very well to avoid lumps... once combined add milk mixture to soup.
You can add more butter, salt & pepper to taste.

Yummie!!!!! This soup is very comforting!!!